Paneer Butter Masala

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  • Paneer Butter Masala - EzyCook
  • Paneer Butter Masala - EzyCook

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Serves 2 - 270 gms
Serves 4 - 540 gms

About Product:

Paneer, one of the favourite ingredients for vegetarian delicacies, can be made into a beautiful array of dishes.

However, the tastiest delicacy is when Paneer is combined with butter and cooked into Paneer Butter Masala. This creamy dish goes extremely well with Parathas or Pulkhas. Difficult to make at home, this recipe is avoided by many. But, don’t worry!
We at EzyCook will give you all the necessary ingredients and spices. Just toss them all in a pan and cook this creamy, north­-Indian delicacy. Try it once and you are not going to stop there. With our mother­-designed recipe pack, make your cooking experience Easy, convenient and Fun.

What you get in the recipe pack?
Ginger Garlic Paste
PBM Spice Mix
Kasuri Methi

** Cooking instructions card included in the recipe pack.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to cook without compromising on Taste

I loved the dish. It tasted brilliant. I have also rated your app 5-star in the name of Devika Das please check :)

We're very glad that you loved our Paneer Butter Masala recipe. Thank you so much for your review :)
5 star

Paneer Butter Masala

Delicious getaway

#FoodShaukeen #EzyCook #ReallyEasy

What makes me feel cooking a boring thing? Cut the vegetables, take the portions right size after searching them in whole kitchen and refrigerator, not knowing what to do when, afraid that your output might not be fruitful and end up ordering biryani .
Not only me, many who doesn't know cooking (or bored of cooking) and tired of going out thinks in a similar way. Well that's where #EzyCook ( ) comes into rescue to free you from all these worries and providing you everything right what you need. Right from Coriander leaves to masalas/veggies, you get everything in the pack.
#EzyCook is one of those websites where you can order some delicious curries/chutneys of your choice (veg/nonveg) and you get all fresh ingredients in a single pack with a leaflet on how to cook with them. Follow those simple instructions and you will find a great cook in yourselves .

As NON-VEG is not encouraged in my home, I had to settle ordering veg curries - Paneer Butter Masala, Long Beans Fry, Dal Makhani.

Paneer Butter Masala : all the ingredients were freshly prepackaged and the quality is very good. End result after following instructions gave me a appetizing output. Though it was tasty, I felt that the quantity of kasuri methi and spice masala could have been a little lesser. Try suiting yourself when you cook, instead of adding whole thing at a time.

Dal Makhani : properly soaked lentils /beans were provided in a bag along with other ingredients. End result was good and could have been much better had enough butter and cream was given. There is a room for increasing a little portion of these.

Long Beans fry : Output as expected. Homely taste and tasted real good.

Prices : Dal Makhani - 95, Long Beans Fry - 50 and Paneer Butter Masala - 125. All of these prices are for serves 2 packets.

Bottomline : My initial statements would be just echoed here again. I would love to order again for their econom...

5 star

Paneer Butter Masala

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