Collection of all the Seafood Marinades using different fish varieties such as, Rohu, Catla, Murrel (Korrameenu), Pomfret, etc.

Lemon Garlic Fish Fry

From Rs. 160.00

Grandma's Fish Fry

From Rs. 160.00

Fish Roast

From Rs. 155.00

Lemon Coriander Fish Fry

From Rs. 165.00

Ginger Fish Fry

From Rs. 160.00

Golden Fried Prawns

From Rs. 250.00

Spicy Pomfret - EzyCook

Spicy Pomfret

From Rs. 375.00

Bangda Fish Fry (Mackerel Fish Fry)

From Rs. 175.00

Tawa Pomfret - EzyCook

Tawa Pomfret

From Rs. 525.00