Beerakaya Pesarapappu (Moong Dal Turai)

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  • Beerakaya Pesarapappu (Moong Dal Turai) - EzyCook
  • Beerakaya Pesarapappu (Moong Dal Turai) - EzyCook

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Serves 2 - 290 gms
Serves 4 - 580 gms

** Cooking instructions card included in the box.

About Product:

Dal, or pulses – is one of those versatile ingredients that is a familiar and a favourite ingredient of a mother in almost every Indian household. An extremely rich source of protein- pulses can be cooked in many ways, alone or being clubbed with a variety of ingredients. What helps more with the taste is the availability of different types of these pulses, each that have a unique taste unto themselves.

Ridge Gourd / బీరకాయ / तुरई, rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, can be cooked in variety of ways. One of the authentic ways that Ridge gourd is cooked is with Moong dal. It is a recipe of the authentic India and it’s unique taste and health benefits will make you want to try it again and again.

Try this addictive recipe of Beerakaya Pesarapappu or Moog dal Turai at home by buying EzyCook’s mother designed, ready-to-cook Beerakaya Pesarapappu recipe pack.

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Vardhan Peddi V.P. Vardhan P.
superb yummy

nice taste

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