Methi Tomato Curry

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  • Methi Tomato Curry - EzyCook
  • Methi Tomato Curry - EzyCook

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Serves 2 - 300 gms
Serves 4 - 600 gms

** Cooking instructions card is included in the recipe pack.

About Product:

Methi Tomato Curry is a very delicious main course dish. No wonder we have heard a lot about this because people would definitely inquire about it as soon as they have a first look at this Methi-Tomato Jugalbandi in presences of spices. It is a quite tempting dish from its appearances. Tomato as a base vegetable is very common element used in most of the recipes. Methi is a flavour promoter, when  combined with tomato gives an ultimate delicacy.

Spicy and liquefied, this curry can be ideally served best with Rotis or Rice. It has full of nutrients and aroma that drives us crazy.  Make sure to have enough rotis to be served to match the quantity of this wonderful dish.

Now as similar to other dishes, it also has a bit of creative extension to it. But if you have enough passion for cooking your imagination can drive you to your destiny.  It is always good to learn and inspire yourself than to bug too much about getting started yourself.

So pull your gloves on, get to the Kitchen and give a unique start to the day by preparing something so simple but delicious and memorable dish of all time. But yeah, as we have always promised, we can simplify things for you. We can simplify things for you. We have it ready in recipe pack well assembled to help you get started.

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It was too sour

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