Mix Vegetable Curry

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  • Mix Vegetable Curry - EzyCook
  • Mix Vegetable Curry - EzyCook

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Serves 2 - 330 gms
Serves 4 - 660 gms

About Product:

As the name indicates, mixed vegetable curry is just another curry made with mixture of veggies. Vegetables are generally known as drivers of health. So whatever recipe that you are planning for, make sure to punch in some selected vegetables creatively. And indeed a lot of thinking goes into it before starting with mixed vegetable curry preparation.

Vegetable curry is bit difficult to make as it requires a lot of creative approach. Well, let us say you want to make a vegetable curry for your north Indian in laws. What do you think would be ideal to propose? We suggest you to make sure of using correct veggies and masala’s that are more preferred by north Indians. Therefore mixed vegetable as a dish can be of many variants itself.

Cauliflower, Carrot, Potato, Green Chillies, etc are most commonly found veggies that goes into any recipe. However the style that you work with, makes it more unique from the other ones. 

So pull your gloves on, get to the Kitchen and give a unique start to the day by preparing something amazing that will leave your foodie fans among family with an awestruck.

But before you get to that front door of your Kitchen, make sure to get your cooking basics right and prepare it the correct way. But yes, as we have always promised, we can simplify things for you. We have it ready in recipe pack well assembled to help you get started.

What you get in the recipe pack?

Green Chillies
Curry Leaves
Coriander Leaves
Ginger Garlic Paste
Coriander Powder
Rai & Jeera
Turmeric Powder

** Cooking instructions card is included in the recipe pack.

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