Tomato Dal

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  • Tomato Dal - EzyCook
  • Tomato Dal - EzyCook

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Serves 2 - 190 gms
Serves 4 - 380 gms

** Cooking instructions card included in the recipe pack

About Product:

Dal, or pulses – is one of those versatile ingredients that is a familiar and a favourite ingredient of a mother in almost every Indian household. An extremely rich source of protein- pulses can be cooked in many ways, alone or being clubbed with a variety of ingredients. What helps more with the taste is the availability of different types of these pulses, each that have a unique taste unto themselves.

Tomato, a fruit, veggie and a berry, is good for proper healing system of the body, for it is rich in Vitamin ‘C’, the healing vitamin. When added to Dal, tomato dal is like a tasty and nutritious marriage.

Get that freshness and taste of Tomato Dal at home by trying EzyCook’s mother designed ready to cook Tomato Dal recipe pack.

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Easy to cook... Good taste.

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